Dr. Lee Lukoff teaches Political Science at the University of Georgia’s Washington Semester Program and in the Department of Government at American University. His research interests include subjects in the areas of American Foreign Policy, Intelligence Studies, US-Israel Relations, Energy Policy, and Alliance Politics. He has taught over a dozen courses as an Instructor on an array of topics such as US Grand Strategy, International Conflict, Global Issues, US-Israel Relations, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Applied Politics, and American Public Policy. Dr. Lukoff has had his writings published in mediums such as the Journal of Intelligence History, American Intelligence Journal, Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies, The Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence, Journal of Cold War Studies, International Journal of Intelligence, Security, and Public Affairs. 

Dr. Lukoff works as a practitioner in the areas of his scholarly interests. He is currently a Rulemaking Analyst in the State Department's Office of Directives Management where he monitors regulatory developments in the agency. He previously served as a Franklin Fellow/Foreign Affairs Officer in the State Department's Office of Energy Diplomacy (2020-2021). In this post, he authored reports on Chinese, Russian, and Venezuelan energy issues and held a portfolio covering energy policy developments in Europe and Latin America.

During his time as a graduate student, Dr. Lukoff worked as a Legislative Aide in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and as a Research Assistant at the Boston College Institute for Irish Studies where he studied 20th Century Anglo-Vatican and Anglo-Irish diplomatic relations.  He also interned for the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Countering WMD in the Pentagon.

Dr. Lukoff graduated from the University of Georgia with a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Affairs in 2019. He holds Master’s degrees from Boston College (Political Science/International Relations) and George Mason University (Public Policy/Energy Policy) as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Lee is a native of Dartmouth, Massachusetts and enjoys visiting historical sites, watching college football, playing basketball, and mentoring college students/recent graduates in his spare time.