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About Me

Growing up outside of Boston, I frequently visited museums and historical sites from America's founding era. My early fascination with American history inspired me to pursue a career path as an educator with an interest in participating in conversations about America's unique role in world affairs. Fortunately, I have been privileged with having a career where I can explore this subject both inside the classroom and from positions within government. From these experiences, I learned that a major disconnect exists between scholars and practitioners that negatively impacts both U.S. foreign policy and the quality of education delivered in classrooms across the country.  In my career, I hope to be able to make a small impact in contributing to conversations that can solve the divide that exists between these two communities. 

In my spare time, I enjoy visiting historical sites, museums, painting, playing basketball, and following the NBA and college football. I am also a big Star Wars fan and enjoy taking care of my 110lb Bernese Mountain Dog George on the weekends. 

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