About Me

I grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts and have the unique privilege of doing what I love to do every day! I am passionate about the pursuits of teaching, mentoring, and scholarly research. At the University of Georgia, I have taught nine courses as Instructor of Record and currently supervise a team of undergraduate researchers that study intelligence and national security issues and American foreign policy towards Israel and the Middle East. 

 My research interests are premised around my core belief that government and academia must form collaborative efforts to address contemporary foreign policy challenges. I have three years of experience working as a public policy analyst and legislative staffer in various positions in Washington D.C. and Massachusetts and learned that a major disconnect exists between academics and practitioners.  In my career, I hope to be able to make a small impact in bridging the gap between the two communities.  

In my spare time I enjoy visiting historical sites, museums, painting, playing basketball, reading spy novels, and watching college football.